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Custom design and manufacturing of high end furniture, cabinetry and millwork located in Birmingham, AL.
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Alys Beach

The Alys beach project was a beachside house designed by architect Gary Justiss. Nearly everything in the house was a crisp, slick glossy white. With the view it has, a simple yet refined interior was a perfect fit.
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Caliber Sports

The Caliber Sports store was a very customized commercial project. The building, designed by Christopher Architects provided a great setting for this retail company.
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Canterbury Road

The Canterbury Road project was quite a special house. The house, designed by Paul Bates architects, featured incredible sight lines, numerous subtle yet effective details, and an amazing family pool area surrounded by the house itself creating a private getaway.

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Golden Alys Beach

This project, on the coast of the Florida panhandle in Alys Beach, was almost as much of an art installation as it was a construction site. The house was built by Artisan of Seagrove and the interior design work by Bohlert Massey.

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Overhill Road

The Overhill Road project was renovation designed to simplify this great older more traditional home. The overall change in aesthetic focused on lighter tones, modern forms and more efficient uses of space.

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Rhoden House

The Rhoden house was and to an extent still an ongoing project that showcases great design by Paul Bates Architecture and Betsy Brown Inc. We have produced so many pieces in this house its almost hard to remember them all.

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Sand Cliffs

The Sand Cliffs project was a great modern dwelling built by Artisan Builders of Seagrove Beach in Florida. We constructed walnut cabinets throughout the kitchen and master bath.

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Swann House

The Swann House project was quite an amazing experience. It was a house built in the 1920s that displayed unbelievable craftsmanship on the part of the tradesmen at that time.

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