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Custom design and manufacturing of high end furniture, cabinetry and millwork located in Birmingham, AL.
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How to Integrate Modern Furniture into a Traditional Home

Four easy ways to keep the tradition alive in your home with a little modern flair. p {color:#282828; padding-bottom: 10px;}h5 {color:#ffffff;}img {padding-bottom:20px;} Contrast One of the key aspects of interior design is having the proper amount of contrast throughout your home. Mixtures of hard and soft textures or...


Office Solutions – For Work or Home

Keeping your workspace tidy, whether you’re at home or at the office can be quite the undertaking, but these simple office solutions can make organization and consolidation a synch. p {color:#282828; padding-bottom: 10px;}h5 {color:#ffffff;}img {padding-bottom:20px;} Custom Desks Don’t cut corners, utilize them. When possible incorporate an L-shaped desk...


How to Choose a Contractor

This step-by-step guide will prepare you for your next home improvement project. p {color:#282828; padding-bottom: 10px;}h5 {color:#ffffff;}img {padding-bottom:20px;} 1. Define Your Project Before Getting Quotes When choosing a contractor, you should think about what you are wanting before you start looking for someone to complete your home improvement...


7 Stunning Ways to Modernize Your Kitchen

Get the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of with these sophisticated upgrades. p {color:#282828; padding-bottom: 10px;}h5 {color:#ffffff;}img {padding-bottom:20px;} 1. Floating Shelves Even if your kitchen is on the smaller size, you can still get the most out of your space by having floating shelves. These will not only open...