MDM Design Studio | About
Custom design and manufacturing of high end furniture, cabinetry and millwork located in Birmingham, AL.
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About the studio

Founded as a one man custom furniture design and building business, MDM Design has grown into a multi-service company providing the many aspects of custom cabinetry, furniture and millwork needs.

Our focus is a detailed and hands on approach to achieve a high end finished product. We have the great opportunity to work with some very talented people in the design field and work on a variety of unique and special products. We are always looking for a new challenge, so no project is too out of the ordinary or custom.

About Michael D. Morrow

Born and currently living in Birmingham, Michael is always looking to incorporate the current and future design styles into what we are producing. He keeps an open eye to other markets, not just Birmingham, helping to serve the customer better. He has traveled to see many of the products and processes offered by some of the world’s best furniture and cabinetry producers and still looks to them as an inspiration for the work produced by MDM. He was first influenced in college when he studied the work of the Bauhaus design movement, but also had a keen interest in many mid century modern and hints of art deco design elements. Those strong influences of a clean, modern aesthetic while stressing an importance of high quality and higher end materials are still evident in the designs but a need to cater to the ever evolving customer base, young and old, is always of importance.