MDM Design Studio | MDM Design Studio - Birmingham Alabama's finest custom furniture, cabinetry, and millwork. Custom interior design for your modern home.
Custom design and manufacturing of high end furniture, cabinetry and millwork located in Birmingham, AL.
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Founded as a one man custom furniture design and building business, MDM Design has grown into a multi-service company providing the many aspects of custom cabinetry, furniture and millwork needs.

Our focus is a detailed and hands on approach to achieve a high end finished product. We have the great opportunity to work with some very talented people in the design field and work on a variety of unique and special products. We are always looking for a new challenge, so no project is too out of the ordinary or custom.



We can fully design your custom items to suit your needs or collaborate in creating something special.From designing a single piece or an overall room or office space we can help you with achieving the end result you are looking for.


We can help transform your space by offering a fully customized cabinet solution. We can help you with a single built in for your living room or cabients for your entire home or office. We can also work directly with the builder if one is involved in coordinating you project.


In addition to our furniture line offering, we can manufacture for you a one of a kind piece for your special project. There are so many materials and processes available we are not afraid to try most anything.


Not only do we work with wood but we also can provide you with a possible solution to your metal project. We generally do metalwork on furnirure , cabinetry, and shelving items but can consider any project .


With our furniture and cabinetry we offer a wide array of finishing options. We can provide an item unfinished or complete the project with anything from a simple coat of wax all the way to a complex multi-step special finish.

Delivery & Install

Along with the product itself we offer delivery and installation options for your unique project.






Meet to discuss your needs, design details, and the timeline of the project in conjunction with you or your building professional. During this phase an estimate will be provided, a plan devised, and terms will be agreed upon.





The design process will start either with your pre-existing plans or custom designs tailored for your project. All design details are confirmed, samples provided if needed, and then production of the design begins.





Once the design is complete, delivery and/or installation will be coordinated for you to receive your new products.




Michael Morrow

Born and currently living in Birmingham, Michael stays in touch with popular design in the Birmingham area as well as other markets. He is strongly influenced by Italian design principles and has a love for the fine furniture that is produced in modern Italian style. He has traveled to see many of the products offered by some of the world’s best furniture and cabinetry producers and looks to them as an inspiration for his own work.

Shop Manager
Charles Gamble

With his nearly twenty years of experience in various areas of construction, Charles joined the team in 2013. He handles the management of many of the day to day production operations at our facility as well as continuing hands on work on the shop floor with the team.

Production Team

From Left to Right:
Brian Dean – Special construction
Stuart Cartwright – Finishing
Grant Galtney – Drafting and construction
Matthew Law – Construction
Cam Decosta – Sanding and finishing
Kevin Morson – Construction/install

Installation Team

From Left to Right:
Alan Wilkerson – Installation lead
Matt Campbell
Nick Holt